Adam Eckley Organisational Development Specialist

Adam Eckley Adam Eckley QFSM, MBA, MIFireE

Adam currently supports the Network on a range of International and UK based projects and training programmes, providing strategic advice to key commercial clients and government stakeholders in the Middle East on the transformation of Civil Defense, Fire and Rescue Services and Community Safety Services. In addition, he was responsible for the provision of strategic advice to a major UK infrastructure provider to support key elements of a significant infrastructure expansion programme and he is currently helping with a new piece of work for a large UK University.

Adam is the recently retired Chief Fire Officer of one of the UK's largest Fire and Rescue Services and during his career he served in several of the UK's most prominent Services in various strategic management roles.

With extensive experience of organisational transformation, he has an enviable track record of leading transformational change in all aspects of Civil Protection including Community Engagement, Property & Asset Management, Vehicle and Equipment Management, Information and Communication Technology, Health, Safety & Welfare and Workforce and Organisational Culture. Adam has particular experience of facilitating change in the context of a range of political governance models, supporting new oversight and governance arrangements. He supported both the strategic direction and delivery of large procurement projects ensuring both improvements in the quality and significant cost efficiencies.

Adam has also held positions as Head of regional Government's Civil Protection and Emergency Management arrangements and was a long-standing Chairman of a multi-agency Resilience committee overseeing planning, preparation, response and recover phases of emergencies - notably repeated threats from wide-area surge tides.

With a Masters in Business Administration, Adam was awarded the Queen's Fire Service Medal in 2017

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