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The Network supports all manner of research and innovation projects and adds considerable value as research partners. We aspire to help close the academic-practitioner gap in complex research projects, in support of greater cooperation and more effective placement of research outcomes to practical by engaging essential service providers

With the broadest range of Civil Protection experts from many Countries, we provide practitioners from all disciplines including Rescue, Policing & Security, Medical and Health. Subject wise, our experts range from service specific (eg police specislists) through to niche components of resilience and CP such as climate change, energy technology, logistics etc.

We work well as part of consortia and are often happy to contribute to or lead projects and work-packages specifically designed to hear from international practitioner bodies or to test research outcomes in a realistic environment.

If you're a private Company looking to research or discuss innovative solutions in the area of Crisis Management or response, we have the opening you're looking for! As a Network, we manage the Centre of Expertise on behalf of the European project Driver+. This means that we have experts that can help you gain exposure for your ideas and products across Europe, help you to expose them to real market testing and evaluation in a safe and controled manner and, most importantly, register them on a portfolio of Solutions used by the European CP Market as a 'first point-of-call' for new products.

RAN has a well-documented pedigree of successful submissions for grant applications from a broad range of sources including the EuropeAid, H2020, The European Commission and various Development Banks.

We stand ready to discuss any research needs you may have and to engage you in our existing projects should the opportunity arise. Please contact us for a discussion

Research (eg Horizon Europe)

Even the most academic research benefits from practitioner workpackages adding credibility. In support of consortium goals, we build such workpackages specifically to add value to research proposals through the EU's Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe programmes

Specialising in Secure Society and Disaster Resilience programmes, we're always happy to discuss supporting your project and to take your lead as to the scale of involvement.

EuropeAid, UK Aid, US Aid

We are trusted and favoured partners supporting grant applications/bids and delivery of Humanitarian and disaster prevention AID programmes

European Civil Protection Mechanism

We design highly-compelling proposals and work packages for bids and tenders using the practical aand authoring skills of experts who have been involved in successful projects for many years


The overall goal of RESILOC is to identify new strategies for improving on the processes of preparedness of local communities against any kind of hazards, either planned or unplanned. The project aims at bringing together the validity and experience of local communities and the strategies and commitment of national and supra-national actors to achieve a tangible impact on the way resilience is understood and increased in local communities.Click here for the project website


ImProDiReT is a 2-year project funded (75%) by the Directorate General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (DG ECHO). The project objective is to generate new approaches and methods for the joint development of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) strategies involving multiple stakeholders around a specific case in the Transcarpathian region, in western Ukraine.


We're involved in several pojects in support of the Union Civil Protection Mechanism. A complete review of the certification process for response modules ahs recently completed and our evaluation of definitions, costs and gaps within the Mechanism has recently published on the Commission's website Click here for review details and updates or here for direct download of the review report

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