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What the Resilience Advisors Network doesExpertise for all aspects of Civil Resilience

The Resilience Advisors Network is a formal teaming of more than one hundred top resilience and civil protection experts from around the World, all experienced directors and leaders in their own right, they bring-to-bear the strength and pedigree of many years of operating in their own specialised emergency, crises and disaster risk management fields.

The Network itself was founded in 2015 in the UK. It contracts through one of two fully independant local companies; Resilience Advisors Limited and Resilience Advisors (Europe) Limited. This ensures that it's able to support local requirements

Co-ordinated by a team of Directors, each advisor and partner is well-known and respected in their own field and comes professionally recommended with a proven and documented record of success.

Advisors have been selected from a broad range of disciplines to best support the range of consortium outcomes be that for the development of world-class guidance, training or trainer provision, disaster exercise management, Mechanism research projects or any other critical resilience-related project delivery.

You'll learn a lot about us by understanding what's behind our logo. Read here to see how it has its roots in the Geneva Convention specifically referencing civil defence

What we do

Advisors themselves are our eyes and ears. As they are approached or spot a need for their skills, they feed the information back to the Network which then creates highly specialisd teams to deliver the very best outciomnes every time as well as providing business services for contracting where required.

It's a well-proven model for exceptional and agile skills provision and one that grows in experience with every deployment!


The Network operates with 3 Directors, each supporting specific aspects of its management and development.

We consider that, to continue to deliver quality expertise whilst growing, we have to make sure that our partners, clients and Advisors alike all have the support they need. We're pleased to introduce the Directors, each of them proven experts in their own fields and each of them well-used to deploying Advisors in a way that best suits their experience and knowledge.

A Brief History of RAN

The Network started back in 2015 with a small group of Advisors, mainly from the UK. The new organisation was fortunate enough to secure some large commissions, sufficient to show that, even if not perfect, the model of creating bespoke project teams of high-level expertise worked in the emergency management sector.

In our first year, we created key professional components of a new vision for Defence Fire & Rescue services in the UK. The new Network cut its teeth helping the client win a 14 year multi-million pound contract for the provision of fire and rescue services to UK MOD.”

The following year saw the Network grow in numbers and move into Europe where the increasingly diverse nature of the Advisor cadre created clear value to clients and business, not just with private partners but also with International Governments and agencies. Year two saw our first European projects including one via EuropeAid which saw us supporting the development of policy and guidance for disaster management across Turkey.

To strengthen the resilience of the Network, a corporate base was established in Ireland providing a launch-pad into new markets. In particular, contracting to the European Commission grew and success as part of several research consortia led to an exponential growth and an increase in partnerships with high-quality public and research organisations.

Year three saw activity grow as news of the Network spread to the Middle East on the back of a truly international team of 10 working on a substantial transformation programme for civil defence services in the Middle East. A team of 16 undertook an evaluation study of Definitions, Gaps and Costs of Response Capacities for the Union Civil Protection Mechanism. At the same time as a smaller team undertook a review of the certification process of the European emergency response capacities.

During years four and five there quickly followed a series of substantial grant funded and industry partnerships that saw the Network grow to its current size and activity. We appointed a new team of European Directors to the Irish Company to commit to our future as a truly European player

Year six saw RAN operating extensively through both of it companies with its work extening globally across multiple continents, domains and segments. In particular, we saw considerable growth in the Middle East and in aspects of its academic support to Universities as well as the flourishing of its Network of practitioners (CMINE) which caters for over 1100 crisis management experts.

Year Seven (now) We can truly say that RAN has arrived. It now serves well over 1000 experts in addition to its core membership of around 150, deploying them across Europe and beyond. Our academic and research protfolios continue to expand as does the call on our services to support private organisations engage with practitioners. The future has never looked so bright for the Network and we look forward to you being part of its continued success in 2022!

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