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Civil Protection ConsultancySpecialist Consultancy

Consultancy is a broad term but the Resilience Advisors Network has a depth and specificity of knowledge about organisations and markets across Europe and beyond that we are almost certain to be able to provide top quality intelligence and support to your operations and business development

Members of the Network maintain specialist competencies and enjoy long-term relationships with those still practicing ensuring that their knowledge remains current and useful.

Examples of current and ongoing commissions include:

  • Niche capability provision
  • Independant capability and capacity evaluations
  • Country-specific market appraisals
  • Subject matter research and market assessment
  • Tender & proposal consortium partner searches
  • Policy & Guidance drafting and implementation

Please contact us with any specific requests as invariably, we will be able to support directly or with discrete and professional referals

We are committed to openess and transparency and our interests can be seen on the European Transparency Register at Our Public Registration Number is 506447232855-90


Every aspect of CBRN operations from Detection, Identification & Monitoring to first responder safety

Policing & Security

Top class Policing and Security Advisors with impressive CV's and international experience

Country-specific Market Develpoment

We establish current market scale and activity, key players and influencers and propose market entry strategies

Marketing Support

To be credible in any sector, it is vital to speak the language. We provide expert advice and support to ensure that your message is pitched perfectly for its target audience

Demonstration & Promotion Teams

Experts from around the world are available to make connections and demonstrate your products in a context accurate manner - an example would be Rescue Technicians to demonstrate rescue equipment.

Sales Support

The Network never sells! However, if we believe that your product represents a development or improvement to civil protection or responder safety, we will gladly help you promote that fact.

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