Andy Champness Service Governance

Andy Champness Andy Champness Emergency service and organisational governance

Andy is a successful public sector leader, experienced in developing effective boards and effective partnerships; and in organisational, structural, and cultural change, particularly in community safety and emergency response. He has worked in regulatory, criminal justice, community safety, and local government environments, SMEs, voluntary, charity and faith sectors across the UK.

As a Barrister in criminal courts, he developed the skill to help others reach structured decisions that they could articulate and explain to others. He designed and delivered training for judiciary and lawyers. He transferred those decision-making and transparency skills to the governance of community safety and emergency response services, dealing with growing scale and complexity. During the statutory abolition of traditional committee-based governance of policing and the creation of new arrangements based on a single individual, Andy was an integral contributor to the design, implementation of and training for the new governance arrangements. He has worked within the most extensive policing partnerships, some with unique decision-making processes and structures. There he learnt the importance of understanding others' approaches and preferences, and the criticality of compatibility: why values and culture are more important than strategy. He also had to facilitate the deconstruction of the largest partnership following a breakdown of critical relationships between chief officers.

Andy has revised the governance of youth justice services, a local authority trading company, a faith community, police and fire and rescue services. He has worked with a variety of government departments with different cultures, approaches and expectations. He has an unparalleled breadth of experience of governance and partnership arrangements, and of improving transparency and accountability in sensitive, emergency situations and services.

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