Chris Gannon Part of the European Advisor Team

Chris Gannon Chris Gannon South American Lead Advisor

Chris specialises in the review and reform of Fire and Rescue Services and Disaster Management agencies worldwide and has been described as the 'Gordon Ramsay' of the industry. Gordon's called-in to improve restaurants that are under performing, Chris does the same for emergency services!

Since 2002, Chirs has gained a unique global experience conducting projects in 34 countries on 5 continents to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of public and private sector organisations, the process begining with a comprehensive assessment process then developing, sharing and applying good practices relevant to local needs.

Key skills include:

  • Organisational restructure
  • Change management
  • Cultural transformation
  • Legislative drafting
  • Development of policies, procedures and training curriculums
  • Practical training delivery
  • Post disaster investigation and reporting
  • Mediation in staff/management disputes

You can contact Chris through the Network or direct at

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