Christopher Tan Part of the International Advisor Team

Christopher Tan Christopher Tan Fire Safety advocate, practitioner, educator, trainer and collaborator

An ardent advocate, practitioner, educator, trainer and collaborator for a fire-safe environment. Chris has devoted 35 years to working in the emergency services with the Singapore Civil Defence Force.

Chris has strong domain expertise and experience in fire safety, capacity building and emergency planning, response and incident management acquired in various senior management positions, including Director of Fire Safety, Director of Civil Defence Academy and the Commander of an Operational Division.

With sub-specialisation skills in fire engineering, fire investigation and USAR he has developed a very rich and blended perspective and intimate knowledge of working with stakeholders and like-minded parties in building resilient and crisis-prepared communities.

Chris practices the power of collective wisdom and the need for collaborative learning and engagement. He has chaired various fire code technical committees with industry and governmental stakeholders bearing testimony to this philosophy.

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