News Coronavirus Guidance

Advice to Advisors during the Coronavirus pandemic

March 2020

The Directors have been evaluating the appropriate support to put in place for those working through RAN considering that we’re not an employer. On reflection, we’ve taken the position that our duty of care towards you as an Advisor, consultant or contractor should be much the same and that we would wish to support you in any way we can.

Consequently, we offer the following advice for you when working under contract or in the name of RAN:


  • Follow the advice of your local and national authorities regarding personal behaviours and hygiene. As a fall-back, where local advice is unclear, please fall-back to the WHO guidance (click here).
  • Please do not travel or hold face-to-face meetings either with colleagues within the Network nor with partners nor clients. The Network operates good remote working platforms that support web and phone conferencing so just let us know if we can help.


We’re continuing to work on the majority of our contracts which are still active and the position with others (eg Heathrow, PwC and KSA) has been been made known to those affected.

Adjusting to the temporary limitation in capacity and in an endeavour to leave you time to focus on personal and family wellbeing, we have adjusted our corporate priorities to a realistic and sustainable level.

In this order, our priorities are:

  • Deliver excellence to all of the contracts and projects still active and flag-up where this is causing a problem.
  • Focus on our near-delivery commitments - Stockpiling, Emergency Shelter and Prevention & Protection evaluations.
  • Any other work should be undertaken by exception only and after formal approval from the Directors.

Wherever you are, please keep yourselves and those you love safe over coming weeks and we look forward to us all getting through this most critical phase and resuming normal operations.