Darryl Ashford-Smith Search & Rescue

Darryl Ashford-Smith Darryl Ashford-Smith Search & Rescue Specialist

Darryl has served in the British Armed Forces for 10 years and in the British Fire Service for over 21 years. He has worked extensively in Fire, Urban and Mountain Search and Rescue operationally and in training and assurance and has a wide range of national and international experience.

During his Fire Service career, Darryl worked at a national level (National Fire Chiefs Council) for the England & Wales Urban Search & Rescue (USAR) capability in ensuring the maintenance of operational readiness, training, resources and assurance. He was also a member of The United Kingdom International Search and Rescue Team with many training and capacity building deployments and operationally to the Nepal Earthquake in 2015.

Using his fire, search and rescue experience, Darryl has worked as a Consultant, Instructor and Assessor on international disaster management and response projects in the Middle East and Asia. Examples of such include the Syrian Civil Defence, Bangladesh Fire Service and Civil Defence, Chinese Fire Service, community-based response teams in Tajikistan and in Ukraine.

He serves as a Scottish Mountain Rescue Training Officer, an Instructor on the Scottish Mountain Rope Rescue Rigging Group, a Mountain Rescue drone pilot in the Search and Rescue Aerial Association (SARAA)- Scotland and a team member in the Scottish Cave Rescue Organisation. He is also an International Technical Rescue Association (ITRA) USAR, Rope Rescue, Swift Water and Confined Space Operations Instructor and Assessor as well as serving on the ITRA USAR Working Group.

Darryl is a technical author and has published books and articles on USAR, Rope Rescue, Bariatric extrication, Drone and Mountain rescue training and safety.

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