Debbie Lewis Part of the European Advisor Team

Debbie Lewis Debbie Lewis Disaster Management Expert

Debbie is a particularly strong member of the Network specialising in helping businesses to anticipate, plan, prepare, respond and recover from disruptive events.

Having held emergency planning positions in the Private and Public sectors, Debbie has demonstrated her ability to recognise business priorities and achieve demanding timescales. Her public speaking roles have shown her to have the ability to talk smoothly, readily and, when appropriate, at length.

Specialties include:

  • Writing and delivering courses for emergency planning,
  • pandemic planning,
  • major incident planning,
  • writing major incident and pandemic plans,
  • provision of emergency planning advice to director level and senior management responders,
  • conducting structured debriefs,
  • compiling post-incident and post-exercise reports,

Debbie is also a trained (TRiM) Trauma Risk Management Practitioner

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