Diego Fernandez Otegui Part of the International Advisor Team

Diego Fernandez Otegui Diego Fernandez Otegui Disaster Recovery Specialist

Diego is a committed and experienced post-disaster humanitarian practitioner and researcher. Also an energetic and sensitive leader, capable of managing complex political relationships in global organizations. One particular strength is his understanding of the multiple demands presented to all private and public organizations that intervene in post-disaster contexts.

The majority of Diego's work lies at the intersection of business strategies and humanitarianism in the international arena. MOst specialiy, the collection and analysis of qualitative and quantitative data for the development of strategic international deployments.

Using applied, practical, hands-on, people-centered and participatory methodologies; Diego delivers type of research that requires the eradication of objectivity in order to pursue a complete immersion and access to the minds and hearts of disaster actors. In a more theoretical plane, some of his research interests include decision-making, leadership, homeland security and international business applied to disaster response and recovery.

Among his most valued accomplishments are numerous lectures at international conferences and three board positions that speak of the deep trust placed in him by colleagues around the world.

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