El Parker Risk, Resilience & Society

El Parker Dr Eleanor (El) Parker BSc, MSc, PhD, SFHEA - Risk, Resilience & Society

El has over 22 years experience working with the public, third and private sector in risk assessment, emergency preparedness & response, DRR and post disaster reconstruction.

She is passionate about improving policy and systems to ensure locally appropriate, people centred interventions with much of her recent work supporting organisations to develop their capacity to work effectively and accountability with those most at risk.

El's aim is to facilitate the transformation to adaptive governance needed to address the systemic causes of inequality and injustice that are exacerbated by global change.

Subject Matter Expertise

  • Community, preparedness, recovery and sustainable reconstruction.
  • Disaster risk financing, early warning, emergency preparedness and anticipatory action in the humanitarian sector.
  • Integrating local and external knowledge (hazards, environment & risk control measures) for resilience and sustainability
  • Emergency Management Systems & Integrated Emergency Management
  • Assessing & communicating complex and cascading hazard, risk and uncertainty to stakeholders
  • Climate change, impacts, adaptive capacity and adaptation that does not exacerbate vulnerabilities

Technical Expertise

  • Training programme design & delivery (online, blended, f2f), simulation, training the trainer; assessment and evaluation.
  • Quantitative & qualitative research methods; scientific data analysis & participatory approaches for evidence based practice.
  • Complex adaptive and soft systems methodologies.
  • Organisational governance, strategy, capability and capacity assessment.
  • Project quality, impact assessments, evaluation and accountability
  • Experienced coordinator of conferences and workshops, chair and contributor to expert panel discussion and plenary sessions.
  • Field experience Gambia, Italy, Greece, China, USA, Jamaica, New Zealand, Cambodia, Thailand, Vanuatu, Sri Lanka.
  • Expertise in a range of Virtual Environments & IT tools (Moodle, Aula, FutureLearn, Zoom, Trelo, Nearpod, Loom, Padlet, Jamboard, Simulation (XVR) & collaborative working in MS365)

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