Emanuela Toto International Disaster Research Specialist

Emanuela Toto Emanuela Toto Disaser and crisis research - EU & UN funded project specialist

Emanuela graduated in Italy first in the bachelor degree of "Techniques of Environmental Control and Civil Protection" with the highest grade 110/110 cum laude, then in the master degree "Environmental Sustainability and Civil Protection" with the highest grade 110/110 cum laude and special mention. Recently Emanuela graduated with a PhD holding also the title "Doctor Europaeus" since the thesis was evaluated by professors belonging to two different EU countries and the writing of the thesis and its discussion were carried out in English. The PhD was centered on floods; local, national and international initiatives, directives, frameworks, documents and databases concerning floods with a focus on Floods Directive (2007/60/EC) and special focus on Sendai Framework. Part of the PhD were also the analysis of economic loss using the indicators based on Sendai Framework and a methodology as the one of PDNA.

On her work experience as a research assistant Emanuela has implemented more than 10 EU and UN projects in the fields of Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change. One of the projects implemented was DesInventar Albania. This was a wide assessment of disasters in Albania. Following this project Emanuela published the book "Historical collection of disaster loss data in Albania" (https://www.preventionweb.net/publication/historical-collection-disaster-loss-data-albania). The project was highly praised by the UN and Emanuela was invited as a speaker in Brussels in the European Development Days.

Emanuela also wrote many deliverables for UN and EU projects. Emanuela was speaker in many conferences, workshops and trainer for capacity building of governmental employees. Emanuela also was part of the organizing team of conferences, workshops and capacity building activities etc. Emanuela has direct experiences working with Albanian Civil Protection through different projects and as their employer, with Italian Civil Protection and foreign international companies. Emanuela is currently a professor at university.

Emanuela has participated in many occasions as a volunteer as after the 2019 earthquake in Albania in which she also helped on the Albania's earthquake PDNA (Reference letter from Ministry available). Emanuela has several certificates as a volunteer, in the knowledge of foreign languages and PC use.

Over the last years Emanuela have been part of RAN and have been involved at present in 4 different projects.

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