Gavin Newton Part of the International Advisor Team

Gavin Newton Gavin Newton Emergency Management and Coordination

Gavin has an extensive experience with NGO's and organisations in conflict and non-conflict emergency management and coordination internationally including six years as a remote environment medical maritime consultant and lead trainer of trainers globally for MedAire / InternationalSOS. During this time he covered Asia Pacific, Middle East and African regions more recently as Disaster Management Officer Northern, for New Zealand Red Cross with many significant supporting deployments.

In both autonomous and team-based emergency management coordination, Gavin specialises in the safety and care of staff volunteers and impacted peeople with sustainable, system-based solutions in often unstable and under resourced environments, helping bring a sense of calm to chaotic or stressful situations.

In emergency or stand-by phases, Gavin brings significant experience in structured systematic management for volunteer or professional teams, including change management solutions, restructure and corporate fields.

Gavin also has extensive media experience including training and production - an asset for warning and informing, critical messaging and information management.

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