Gavin Williams Policing & CBRNe

Gavin Williams Gavin Williams Policing & CBRNe Specialist

Gavin has spent over 23 years in Policing in uniformed roles and has considerable experience at all Command levels including Gold Public Order and Events, MAGIC, Gold CBRN and Strategic Firearms Command

He has regularly assessed both the Public Order Course and Strategic Firearms Course for the College of Policing and is UK security-cleared to DV level.

Over 11 years as a Superintendent with a 14 month period as Assistant Chief Constable Operations during which time he performed the role of Police Gold Commander for the Salisbury Poisoning Incident.

Other experience includes successfully leading and delivering significant events and operations, both spontaneous and pre-planned at local, regional and National levels including working closely with statutory and non-statutory partner agencies to ensure the most effective safety outcomes.

Gavin's last role within Policing was to lead the return of a regionally collaborated Specialist Operations Department back to Force control against significant time constraints. A clear priority was to ensure effective staff engagement in the process whilst renegotiating central funding and ensuring significantly improved operational effectiveness.

Gavin is passionate about ensuring that outcomes are achieved effectively through collaboration which has been clearly demonstrated through his career.

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