Guido Schanz Part of the European Advisor Team

Guido Schanz Guido Schanz TAST Specialist

Guido has more than 25 years’ experience in the field of civil protection and emergency medical services, especialy in Germany. For more than 10 years, he's been involved in the European Civil Protection mechanism and has attended most of the training vents available as well as several module exercises.

He is a professional Software Engineer and Project Manager focused on IT in fully automated intralogistics systems and high bay warehouses. With this professional background, he became Technical Assistance & Support Team (TAST) expert within the EU Civil Protection Mechanism specialising in ICT, Administration and Logistics.

In 2001 he was assigned as an on-scene commander for emergency medical services and as incident commander for major emergencies in Germany. He extensive training for the domestic civil protection system in Germany and has experience as team leader, group commander and incident commander in major disasters and events supported by medical services.

Guido focuses mainly on staff management in Emergency Command Posts / Coordination Cells and is an expert in providing staff management courses and table-top exercises as well as full scale exercises at all levels across Europe. In addition, Guido supports and advises project management teams with proposal writing and the building of new European Civil Protection capacities (such as the EURACARE Flight & Shelter programme) or training courses as well as exercises on different levels.

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