Han Pelster Part of the European Advisor Team

Han Pelster Han Pelster Disaster & Security Advisor

A professional and dedicated consultant in crisis, disaster and security management with a background in both the commercial sector (Oil, gas and energy industry) and the NGO sector. Within the IFRC part of the Emergency Response Unit Relief of the BeNeLux, fully trained and on the roster for the EU Civil Protection and the UNDAC. a dedicated trainer and coach of the European Civil Protection teams during large scale module exercises.

Specialising in excellent;

  • travel security policies,
  • crisis management policies and protocols,
  • tools to overcome the moment a crisis or disaster will hit the company
  • business continuity plans
  • tabletop and full-scale crisis management exercises

Han's background and experience also includes expertise in Event Management and, from a business perspective, experience supporting organisations with large events as a project manager.

As a volunteer, Han works as a deputy project manager for the Netherlands Red Cross and as operations manager for large scale events.

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