Jakob Agersnap Part of the European Advisor Team

Jakob Agersnap Jakob Agersnap Humanitarian Affairs Advisor

Teaching, training and disaster field coordination with experience from operational and culturally challenging environments; from stakeholder platforms to pipeline supply chain robustness and information management optimisation.

Jakob teaches Disaster Management at Copenhagen University (Masters) and Metropol College (Bachelor). He deploys for UNDAC and EUCPT emergencies and is a Senior Advisor on assessment coordination and risk intelligence. While a trouble-shooter and facilitator, focus is on how to design strategic and interactive partnerships in relation to disaster management by building bridges and optimising processes for tangible information and operational efficiency.

By communicating, sparring and training on related topics through learning, knowledge sharing management and identifying cross-cutting initiatives from preparedness to response, Jakob adds cost and time-efficiency to value chains allowing for improved preparedness and resilience.

Jakob has experience from private sector development agencies, NGO’s and various UN-agencies in:

  • Asia - China, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Singapore, Myanmar & Solomon Islands.
  • Africa - Ghana, Somalia, Sudan, Sierra Leone, C.A.R, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Rwanda, Malawi, Nigeria & Burkina Faso.
  • Balkans, Middle East & Central Asia - Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, UAE, Cyprus (Lebanon crisis), Uzbekistan, Afghanistan & Pakistan.
  • Caribbean – Turks & Caicos, and Sint Maarten.

You can contact Jakob through the Network or direct at jakob.agersnap@resilienceadvisors.eu

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