James Ritchie Business Resilience and Continuity Specialist

James Ritchie James Ritchie DRR executive leadership

James brings diverse senior executive leadership experience from the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. He has previously worked in the international development, environment, water, Australian State Government Public Service, community mental health and mining sectors in strategy, policy, corporate services, project management and leadership roles.

James has also had executive leadership accountability for various board committees including governance, risk and audit, strategy, business development, work, health and safety.

James has held various disaster preparedness and emergency management responsibilities across his career, in particular during his time in the mining and water sectors having executive accountability for business resilience and continuity, fire and flood response, counter terrorism planning and emergency evacuation.

James is passionate about enabling people and their organisations to drive and deliver the best value outcomes through leadership, strategy, business efficiency, change management and reform using strong collaborative decision-making processes.

James holds a Masters of Business Administration and a Commerce Degree in Business Management and Industrial Relations. James also holds an International Diploma in Humanitarian Assistance (IHDA) from Fordham University, New York, USA and has completed training in Disaster Risk Reduction and Management at the Seminar für Ländliche Entwicklung (SLE) Humboldt-Universität Berlin.

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