Jenny Cosgrave Training & facilitation

Jenny Cosgrave Jenny Cosgrave Community-led resilience and humanitarian response

Jenny is a trainer and facilitator who specialises in community led resilience and humanitarian response. Originally from the UK, Jenny has spent the last 10 years in Mexico City leading on; disaster preparedness capacity building programmes, public sector education projects and the cultural relations mission between the UK and Mexico with the FCO.

Jenny has led disaster preparedness and leadership training in Cambodia, Senegal, Egypt, UK, Tanzania, Mexico, Panama and Liberia. She has also developed training manuals, policies, protocols and procedures for humanitarian response, youth empowerment, citizenship and leadership.

Jenny is currently based in the Netherlands, holds a master's degree in International Development and speaks Spanish fluently. She is starting to learn Dutch! Examples of the projects Jenny has been involved in are:

Facilitation & Capacity Building Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Organizational Review of regional capacity building strategy (UNOCHA LAC)
Research Papers
  • Research paper on the characteristics of resilience in Colombia and Guatemala (IFRC)
  • Research paper on Cost Benefit Analysis (IFRC)
Manuals & Guidelines
  • L3 Disaster Response Training Resources (Global Food Security Cluster)
  • Creation of Child Centered Manual for Humanitarian Response, Book 1 and 2 (Plan International)
  • Editing training manuals on the pedagogical possibilities of ICT for English as a Foreign Language. (ENOVA)
  • Editing of a training manual "Youth as Agents of Behavioral Change" (IFRC in North Africa)

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