John Curtin Climate Resilience

John Curtin John Curtin Climate Resilience

John has over 30 years' experience in England's Environment Agency - an organisation of some 12000 staff. His roles included being the Agency's Director of Incident management & Resilience, Exec Director of Flood and Coastal Risk Management and Exec Director of Operations.

John has extensive experience of all elements of preparation, planning and responding to major incidents as the Agency has a crisis management role in flood, drought, pollution and nuclear incidents. John also has significant experience in community resilience and crisis communication.

Given the climatic shifts we've seen, John's experience has been honed through the recent years of extensive flooding in England where he has led teams locally and nationally, including the once in a generation coastal surge of 2013, the Somerset floods in 2014, and Storms Desmond, Eva, Eunice, Ciara and Dennis to name but a few.

During major incidents John would represent the Agency in Government's COBR crisis centre where he has been part of Prime Minister chaired response meetings.

In 2020 John was awarded the British Hydrological Society's Presidential Prize, and in 2022 he received an honorary Doctorate, for his services to climate resilience and adaptation.

Latterly John is a Visiting Professor at the University of Southampton and Vice President of the Chartered Institute of Water and Environment Management.

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