Kathy Settle Risk & Emergency Management

Kathy Settle Kathy Settle Specialist Advisor on Strategic Risk & Emergency Management

Kathy has extensive strategic and operational experience across all aspects of risk and emergency management, having worked at national and regional government level in the UK and Middle East, building resilience structures and capabilities, and improving preparedness for civil emergencies.

She has strong leadership and influencing skills, demonstrated on a range of complex agendas, and is well practiced at building effective partnerships with public, private and voluntary sector bodies. She provides vision, energy and a sense of urgency to all her projects, successfully addressing the tensions that can arise when people's needs have to be balanced with political imperatives.

Kathy is skilled at articulating a case for and delivering change, and particularly enjoys the challenge of setting up something new or helping to transform a poorly performing area and making it successful. Her experience outside the resilience sphere also enables her to provide advice on handling the wider organisational impact of any resilience-related transformation project.

Her role in the Civil Contingencies Secretariat in the UK Cabinet Office included leading on implementation and enhancement of the Civil Contingencies Act, particularly supporting multi-agency partners at regional and local level to build their capabilities to prepare for, respond to, and recover from, emergencies, and on building community resilience.

Kathy has developed doctrine and guidance across all aspects of risk and emergency management, including a Framework for Emergency Response and Recovery, and specialist guidance in functional areas.

She has facilitated and participated in many multi-agency exercises, from those involving a small senior leadership team to large field exercises involving several hundred people. Kathy has also responded to a wide range of emergencies (such as infectious disease pandemics, flooding, animal diseases, severe weather, and terrorism events), including acting as the Response Director (or Deputy) in COBR.

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