Katie Muldoon Leadership Transition

Katie Muldoon Katie Muldoon Leadership Transition and Personal Coach

Katie is a leadership transition and personal coach specialising in psychodynamic and person centred approaches.

Having spent 10 years leading teams as an engineer, she describes her journey as 10 years leading teams in People and Change, Katie loved combining the skills both taught her and equally the creation of ideas and flow and experimentation suggesting "I’m still continuing that journey today - I’m studying an MBA alongside my analytical psychology course to keep both sides curious."

"Essentially, this is a metaphor for my psychodynamic coaching approach. It’s based on the work of Carl Jung who wrote about the process of individuation - the process of integrating all parts of you (the things that appear as opposites), and recognising that different parts of you will emerge depending on the context. Together we get to know those parts and you discover the parts you want to keep and the aspects that are no longer serving you."

"People contact me when it’s high stakes: a founder scaling up, a change in career, significant decision times. They want autonomy over their decisions, understand the influences acting upon them, and I coach them to choose their own path."

"It’s the emergence of improved resilience, you can enjoy the good things in life and also realise the tough times are temporary, life (including work) becomes a better experience. It’s no longer about keeping the middle ground and minimising the prospect of emotional impact of highs or lows."

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