Luis Miguel Laguna Megal Part of the European Advisor Team

Luis Laguna Luis Laguna Expert in Geohazards for Resilient Cities and Infrastructures

A mining Engineer, with specialty in Geology and Geophysics, and complementary M.Sc. in Geological and Environmental Engineering.

Luis has a strong technical and managerial background in geotechnical projects and jobs, with over 25 years of experience covering all different phases, steps, and cross-cutting issues in the whole cycle of Integrative Risk Management, solving hundreds of problems by designing, building up and maintaining preventive and protection measures against landslides, rock falls, and any other kind of instabilities in all types of rocks and soils. His expertise includes forensic engineering and reparation of damaged infrastructures or buildings under “building back better” concept, having therefore able to provide a comprehensive approach and holistic view for resilience problems related with Geohazards.

Between 1992 and 2009, he worked as Director of two specialized companies, TESINSA and GEOBRUGG Ibérica, building up disruptive solutions for rockfalls and landslides, highlighting those with flexible systems, having extensively worked solving problems in close collaboration with all the remarkable stakeholders, including engineering companies, construction ones, governments, R&D and technological institutes and universities, having promoted, led, and managed multiple and different kind of partnerships and strategic alliances, which have efficiently worked in the long term.

Since 2010 is independent consultant and advisor of governmental organizations and private companies on Geotechnics and Disaster Risk Reduction, for resilient cities and infrastructures, having also a deep knowledge of global frameworks, strategies, and actions, from his close relationship with UNISDR since 2012, becoming Advocate of the “Making Cities Resilient” Global Campaign in early 2013.

He has led or participated as team member in different training courses and capacity building activities, having published over 15 technical papers in congresses and different specialized media.

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