Maksimiljan Dhima Emergency and Risk Management Specialist

Maksimiljan Dhima Maksimiljan Dhima Disaster and Risk Management

Maksimiljan is an experienced Civil Engineering professional with a strong history of working across the civil engineering industry.

Skilled in Government, Feasibility Studies and project management, he is also an accomplished Disaster and Risk Management expert with extensive experience as the Director of Planning and Coordination of Civil Emergency in his home country of Albania where he cooperated with national central and local institutions, businesses and other non-governmental organizations for the achievement of the objectives and responsibilities in the field of Disaster Risk Reduction and Civil Protection.

Besides being the focal point for implementation of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, he was for many years, national coordinator for the implementation of various programs and projects in this field financed by international donors such as the European Commission, World Bank, United Nations, World Health Organisation etc.

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