Marcelo Sabanes Part of the International Advisor Team

Marcelo Sabanes Marcelo Sabanes Making Cities Resilient - UNDRR

Marcelo brings more than 23 years of international experience to the Network specialising in project and programme management, process re-engineering, urban sustainable development and resilience.

Also specialising in green, circular and low carbon economy development, climate change mitigation and adaptation, disaster risk reduction. Providing technical assistance to the public and private sector in the design and implementation of highly effective sustainable development strategies, Marcelo develops action plans for better integration, team and community development and resource efficiency to produce tangible impact and results at all levels.

A UNIDDR Advocate since 2014 for the Global Resilient Cities Campaign in Paraguay, UK and Spain and a member of the Preparatory Committee representing Local Authorities for the preparation of the SENDAI framework. Leading diverse management processes and multicultural teams to build resilience, both in the private and public sector delivering projects on time and within budget and covering developing as well as developed countries with a truly international work experience.

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