Marco Corstjens Part of the European Advisor Team

Marco Corstjens Marco Corstjens Civil / Military Cooperation expert

As a senior Civil / Military Cooperation officer in Belgium, Marco gained extensive experience on deployment World-wide. His experience and advice is highly regarded especially in the fields of excersise and training design as well as representing the civilian dimension during excercises and training.

Marco has supported the Civil Military Co-operation (CIMIC) Center of Excellence in The Hague with training ranging from Field to staff level courses across Europe as well as Liaison Officers courses. All training developed with the CIMIC Center of Excellence has been accreditated by NATO.

Besides this, Marco is a trainer for UN OCHA specialising in UN Civil / Military Coordination, lecturing and presenting seminares at the AKNZ Ahrweiler, the CIMIC Zentrum Bundeswehr in Germany and with NATO's CCOE in the Netherlands. With his extensieve experience he also frequently contributes to HEAT courses as a team trainer.

Marco's Field experience ranges from humanitarian access and cooperation, negotiation and mediation, Civil Military cooperation and relations, Disaster Relief, Emergency and crisis management.

His extensive mission experience comes from deployments in Bosnia, Kosovo, and Sri Lanka after the Tsunami as well as Lebanon. Besides his active involvement in multinational training and exercising, he is a regular supporter of the Network as an instructor.

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