Marga Martín Sánchez International Project Specialist

Marga Martín Sánchez Marga Martín Sánchez Critical Infrastructure Protection & EU funded projects specialist

Marga has an extensive experience as project manager of many large international projects in the areas of safety, security and critical infrastructure protection (hazards, physical & cyber-attacks and natural disasters).

The undertaking includes building strategic cross regional public-private partnerships with key stakeholders and the development of feasibility studies to verify the technological as well as economic viability of an innovation concept which meets market demands and users' needs (new product, process, service or enhanced/new applications of existing technologies) from proof-of-concepts to large scale demonstration in real operational environments with a particular focus on enhancing the resilience of critical infrastructures covering all the phases (Preparation/anticipation, prevention/monitoring, response/restore and learn/adaption).

Main topics covered by the projects, acting as coordinator in many of them, deal with security (development of quantitative risk assessment methodologies, risk management, crisis management and business continuity), data and privacy issues (GDPR), safety (e.g. safety cases and related techniques- FTA, ETA, FMECA, etc), emergency plans as well as transport systems (railways, airports, sub-urban systems, etc) and the integration of UAVs/RPAS/drones in non-segregated airspace and their civil and commercial applications to increase safety, security, including SAR applications and the efficiency of transport.

Since 2013 Marga has worked as an expert of the European Commission for monitoring the project status and for the evaluation of proposals in various Programmes and Directorates in the areas of security, critical infrastructure protection and business acceleration programmes to select the most disruptive technologies and services in the area of security- targeting SMES- to support and speed up market delivery of innovation.

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