Monika Mastisova Fire Safety

Monika Mastisova Monika Mastisova International Fire Safety

Monika has been working as a professional firefighter and Fire Safety Inspector since 2016. Her work at the fire prevention department includes: performing fire inspections of companies/enterprises and self–employed persons, Evaluation of project documentation for building construction from the point of view fire safety, Educating the public and students in the field of fire safety and working with European and Slovak Fire Safety Standards (EN, STN). She holds professional certification as a "Fire Safety Inspector" from the Institute of Fire and Rescue Corps of the Slovak Republic (members of EFSCA) Fire and Rescue Corps of Slovak republic, Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic.

Type of activities performed:

  • Slovak Building Code
  • European and Slovak Fire Safety Standards (EN, STN)
  • Conduct of Fire Safety Inspections
  • Technical and Organizational Fire Safety
  • Workplace Health and Safety according to European Standards

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