Nicola Rupp Crisis Management

Nicola Rupp Nicola Rupp Crisis and Disaster Management

A specialist in mapping and analysing processes in Crisis and Emergency Management. The aim of such a mapping is to make visible which role is actually executing what task by using what tool. This can be used to detect room for improvement or to see what would change, if an innovative socio-technical solution (hardware, software, training etc.) was added.

The latter was the main task of Nicola within the DRIVER+ project. Within DRIVER+ the Trial Guidance Methodology (TGM) was created, that allows for a realistic assessment of innovation. As a TGM-expert Nicola was the main responsible for applying the rigor and scientific methodology in three large pan-european Trials (Poland, France, Austria).

Nicola has worked in different European projects (e.g. EmerGent, TOXI-triage and DRIVER+) and has experience in teaching as well as creating online courses. Having been a voluntary fire fighter and member of the German Lifeguard Association (DLRG) for many years, she can combine her practical knowledge with her scientific background. This makes her an excellent communicator and translator between theory and practice.

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