Peter Glerum Part of the European Advisor Team

Peter Glerum Peter Glerum European Director of RAN

Peter's education in environmental planning and crisis management gives him an unrivalled knowledge of planning within governmental organisations on a strategic and an operational level. He is well educated in policy development and implementation on a strategic level and in bridging the often existing gap between first responders and policy makers.

Developing himself from operational fire officer within regional government to strategic policy advisor on a national level, he is highly experienced in all levels of government.

Peters more recent experiences include as head of advisors and project manager delivering results in a challenging surrounding, where several stakeholders are influencing the projects and their results.

As project manager of numerous EU funded projects. Peter has also represented the Netherlands on several EU expert groups and as the national training coordinator for EU civil protection training with responsibility for international deployment of experts in the EU civil protection mechanism. With this role, he is very familiar with the EU commission and its working methods and culture and can help you 'find your way around' in this extremely complex operating environment.

Peter is an experienced team leader within the European Union Civil Protecton Mechanism with 8 deployments as Team leader in disaster response and needs assessment mission.

Peter is an experienced evaluator both in civil protection and in horizon 2020 projects and proposals.

With a high cultural experience and awareness, Peter is invaluable part of any team working in an international environment, meeting and working with people from different backgrounds and cultures - particularly preparing for and responding to disaster situations.

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