Rob Doran Specialist Advisor

Paul Ankrett Rob Doran Specialist Advisor for Preparedness & Resilience

Rob is one of the Network's most valued Crisis Management consultants working primarily in the domestic resilience field in the UK.

Equally comfortable working across strategic, tactical and operational levels, he has experience working with government, emergency responders, businesses and voluntary organisations.

Before setting-up his own highly successful business, Rob worked at the heart of the UK government’s crisis management and resilience structures where he played a key part in the national response to many major civil emergencies developing and implementing new approaches to tackle the challenges posed by disruption, and supported the delivery of a number of significant major events including the 2012 Olympics, 2014 NATO Summit and 2015 Rugby World Cup.

Rob also has significant experience of supporting multi-agency partners at a local level to build their capabilities to prepare, respond to, and recover from, emergencies.

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