Prof. Robert Chilcott CBRNe

Prof. Robert Chilcott Prof. Robert Chilcott CBRNe & Toxicology expert

Professor Chilcott has over 25 years experience conducting research and policy development and is an established CBRNe subject matter expert within the international CBRN community.

He has led a variety of international research collaborations and has international engagement with various academic, industrial and government partners. Most recently, he led a programme of work which has resulted in new US federal guidance on the emergency services’ response to chemical incidents (“PRISM”) and has previously made a significant contribution to the implementation of the UK’s Initial Operational Response (IOR).

Professor Chilcott has published a number of peer-reviewed articles, patents, textbooks and book chapters relating to protection, decontamination and medical countermeasures against chemical warfare agents and other toxic substances. His current research interests include personal, vehicle and infrastructure decontamination, protective equipment, design of new technology platforms for enhancing detection systems and development of novel diagnostic/prognostic devices.

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