Rut Erdelyiova Part of the European Advisor Team

Rut Erdelyiova Rut Erdelyiova Psychological support in the Field

Rut is a trained specialist in crisis intervention, with expertise in psychological 1st aid and psychosocial support to victims of trauma and disasters. She helped create the system for provision of these services and relevant training programmes for rescue service professionals in her home country of Slovakia.

Dedicating most of her professional life to institutional development and capacity building of rescue services, Rut has also been heavily involved in policy making, personally engaged in implementation of resilience related EC and UNISDR strategies. As a direct result, Slovakia became one of the 1st EU member states with a Risk Management Strategy adopted by its National Government. Her team went on to negotiate and govern some €260m for resilience and adaptation to climate change related investments.

Rut currently supports the Network on a range of EU projects and training programmes.

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