Sjaak Seen Part of the European Advisor Team

Sjaak Seen Sjaak Seen Humanitarian and Operational expert with National and International skills

As Regional Multi-disciplinary Operational Team Leader for the Safety Region of Rotterdam-Rijnmond, Sjaak Chairs/coordinates the team of Emergency Services, Governmental Organizations, Liaison of the ministry of Defense, Private organisations and NGO's at Emergencies, Disasters and Crisis.

An experienced Project manager for the Safety Region of Rotterdam-Rijnmond, Sjaak has overseen merger of the Emergency Dispatch Centers of the police, fire and ambulance Services as well as for multi-disciplinary crisis organizations of the Safety Regions and South Holland South building a new Crisis Center for the region and establishing the IT for the new Dispatch Center and Crisis Center Rotterdam with connections to the National IT Center of the National Dispatch Center project

Sjaak is a staff group commander of the Urban Search & Rescue team of the Netherlands and a member of the United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination team (UNDAC), UN OCHA, Geneva (Switzerland) and has participated in more than a dozen International Humanitarian missions supporting Governments with Search and Rescue Operations and the coordination of International Humanitarian Aid

A competent and proficient trainer, Sjaak has supported and Organised UNDAC and environmental training programmes for UN OCHA and the Joint UNEP

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