Steve Photiou MD Disaster Medicine Specialist

Steve Photiou Steve Photiou MD Senior Emergency Medicine physician

Steve is a Graduate of the Medical School of the University of Padova, Italy, specialised in Internal and Emergency Medicine.

He is Senior Attending Emergency Physician at the Emergency Department of the Hospital of Montebelluna (TV), Italy, as well as Chair of the MaxiEmergency Planning team, of the same hospital.

Holding a European Masters degree in Disaster Medicine and one in Health Administration, Steve has extensive experience in CBRNE issues, Pandemics, Disaster Management and Emergency Dept. Management. As member of the Italian Civil Protection, he has been deployed in mission.

He is Professor on Contract at the School of Management, LUM "Jean Monnet" University (Bari, Italy), as well as Scientific Associate at the Master in International Medicine and Health Crisis Management, School of Medicine, University of Athens (Greece). Being a Scientific Committee member at the Observatory on CBRNe Security and Defense (OSDIFE), Rome (Italy), he is co-editor of the CBRNE-Terrorism Newsletter.

A peer reviewer for many international journals, Steve has co-authored some Disaster Medicine textbooks, and numerous articles on Disaster Medicine and Emergency Medicine.

Steve's interests span from Disaster Management and Emergency Medicine to Leadership, CBRNE and Pandemics. He is frequently invited to lecture in international congresses on Disaster Medicine and Emergency Medicine topics. He holds Managerial Courses in Leadership & Management, Disaster Management, Business Continuity, Hospital Disaster Preparedness, Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication.

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