Tayisiya Symochko Project Manager

Tayisiya Symochko Tayisiya Symochko Project Manager & International Economic Relations Specialist

Tayisiya has a background in International Economic Relations and strong experience in the realisation of a range of international programmes including Cross-border Cooperation, Erasmus+ and H2020.

Having completed a Master Degree from Uzhhorod National University, she ndertook an exchange study in Germany, Kaiserslautern Technical University, Faculty of Business Administration going on to gain experience in the private sector as Managing Director and Financial Director.

From 2015 Tayisiya has worked as the National Contact Point for H2020 programmes for the Priorities of "Health" and "Food Security" for Uzhhorod National University. She was actively involved in the Regional strategy Development and has strong skills in communication, organisation of events and teamwork support.

In the EU UCPM project ImProDiReT she broadened her skills towards sustainable development and Disaster Risk Management.

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