Valentyn Voloshyn Project Manager

Valentyn Voloshyn Valentyn (Valik) Voloshyn Project Management & Stakeholder Involvement Specialist

Valentyn has a lasting proffessional background in project management and experience in management and planning of protected areas, with involvement of the local citizen into governance processes.

With a Degree from Uzhhorod National University, Valik continued through numerous donor funded projects involving regional development combined with University lecturing.

In 2008-2014, as a deputy director in the Uzhansky National park, Valik joined the WWF Danube-Carpathian team, where he was actively involved in tackling the challenging Carparthian issues. In 2010-2020 actively worked over Regional strategy Development and institutional provision of regional development, including Regional development agency creation, and unifying efforts on regional level at Zakaarpattia Alliance for regional development. Valik has strong skills in communication, collaboration organisation, and facilitation.

In the EU UCPM project 'ImProDiReT', Valik applied his skills towards building collaboration between the regional stakeholders towards sustainable development and Disaster Risk Management.

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