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UK Resilience SupportUK Support for your Pandemic Activity

We are only too aware of the problems being experienced by organisations during the latest Coronavirus pandemic.

The Resilience Advisors is here and ready to help wherever we can. We have a Network of experts with a deep understanding and currency around all levels of UK resilience operations. We can help with everything from regulatory compliance and emergency policy development right through to practial implementation and support for deployment of protective strategies.

Experienced within Local Resilience Forums, Local Authorities, Emergency Services and Private Organisations, we can provide temporary capability or well-founded and much-needed capacity at times of crisis and/or sparcity.

Top quality people and teams are available to support you, your Authority or Organisation as you seek to increase support to your staff and stakeholders at the very time that your own resources are coming under pressure.

For a conversation, just contact us for an informal chat about how we might be able to help.

Please contact us with any specific requests as invariably, we will be able to support directly or with discrete and professional referals

Dave Brown

David Brown QFSM
Met Fire Service Specialist

Leading on issues relating to larger more complex organisations

Tom Crellin

Tom Crellin
Community Disaster Response

Consultant and speaker, Information Security, Business Continuity and Emergency Planning

Rob Doran

Rob Doran
Preparedness & Resiience

experience working with government, emergency responders, businesses and voluntary organisations.

Adam Eckley

Adam Eckley
Organisational Development

Capacity Development & Structural Reform

Martin Evans

Martin Evans
Policing Specialist

Strategic Police Commander with High level (DV) security clearance

Jon Hall

Jon Hall QFSM
Emergency & disaster specialist

Former CFO, head of UK fire & rescue service resilience & government advisor

Andy Hickmott

Andy Hickmott M.Sc. M.I.Fire E
Fire & Rescue Governance

Chief Fire Officer and Director of Community Safety

Debbie Lewis

Debbie Lewis
European Co-ordination

Assisting responding organisations with their strategic orientation.

Bev Osborne

Bev Osborne
Training Design & Delivery

Design & delivery of emergency exercises & training programmes for Public & Private Sector.

Marcus Oxley

Marcus Oxley
Humanitarian Coordinator

Recent Exec Director of the 'Global Network of Civil Society Organisations for Disaster Reduction'

Dave Ramscar

Dave Ramscar
International Search & Rescue

Recent Fire Chief and UK overseas deployment lead for UK ISAR & UK AID

Robert Scott

Robert Scott QFSM MBA FIFireE
Organisational Improvement

Well-respected fire professional and Chief Officer

Chris Singer

Chris Singer
Police & Security Lead

Recently Assistant Chief Constable, now Chris leads on issues relating security and high threat environments

Dan Stephens

Dan Stephens
Fire & Rescue Specialist

Strategic Service reform and international operations

Steve Voice

Steve Voice
Policing & Security

Crisis Management, Planning & Resourcing, Business Continuity

Crisis management support

We can be there with you when the worst happens - with remote or on site expertise to help put your plans into action.

Policing & Security

Top class Policing and Security Advisors with impressive CV's and international experience

Preparations and Response to Terrorism

Assess the risk to your business and the mitigation you can put in place

H&S and Fire Risk Assessment

The statutory process of analysing fire and other risks then recording the findings

Exercises & Validation

Simulation of an emergency situation that enables organisations and businesses to validate their emergency plans and recognise its strengths and weaknesses

Incident Command

Reviewing existing command/management structures / protocols and assessing their effectiveness and preparedness. Developing and implementing effective Command and Control systems.

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